My Journey of Healing

Beverley Chance

Hi, I am Beverley, thank you for dropping by. Welcome to my website which has been years in the making because like many of you I have been reluctant to share myself with the world. We all have fears and it is those fears that hold us back from stepping into our own personal power and making our dreams come true. I was talking with my daughter a while back about life and how our experiences shape us into the person we become and it was in that conversation when she said, “Mum, you really need to share yourself with the world, you can really help so many people.” so here I am.  Over the last 30 years I haven’t really stopped studying natural healing techniques, like Reiki and spiritual healing, Angelic healing, Crystal healing, and Aromatherapy. Health & nutrition, numerology, hypnosis and the Universal laws including the Law of Attraction. 

I have also been involved with network marketing in some form or another for most of my adult life. Believe me, you learn so much about life through the personal development you receive from this amazing industry, I am so absolutely grateful for each and every opportunity that has crossed my path. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and we are always exactly where we are supposed to be.

Why I do this


For years I have been an energy healer and helped many people to heal their lives but what I found was that I could help heal the pain and remove the blockages but the emotions, attitudes and beliefs were still there and the healing would therefore only be temporary, the blockages would eventually return. Healing is a continual journey that starts with you deciding to let go of all that no longer serves you. 

To fully heal we really need to find a life of balance, many healing modalities will work but only if you get right to the heart of the cause, only then can we truly heal on every level. As we find healing we must open ourselves up to our own divine guidance and trust that when we receive the messages.

By learning from my own journey and those I have helped over the years I really now believe that my purpose is to share all that I have learned to help show you how you can heal yourself by balancing your life and learning to trust your own inner guide and your guides and angels that are with you this lifetime. 

You see everything that has happened to us in the past is stored within our energy system and whether positive or negative it will affect us until we learn to either shift it or accept it. Life is a continuation of growth, we are all searching for meaning and purpose but we many times fail to connect with our inner guidance system. Instead, we search for answers externally and fail to find them. We will never find answers in another, yet many times we follow others trying to be like them. We are each unique and because of that, we need to find the right path for us.

I want to help you to connect with your guidance system and learn to trust your own journey this lifetime. 

What can I do for you

This is my space to share myself and my knowledge, a place where people can come to find and share information on living a healthy, well-balanced life that moves way beyond just existing from day to day.  Healing is a continual journey each and every one of us is on throughout this life. Many people these days are unhappy and just about dragging themselves out of bed to go to a job they dislike to pay for many things they just don’t need.  I want to make this a place that will give you the tools to change all of that and take complete control of your own life. Let’s together find that balance and harness the energy that will give you an amazing life each and every day.