Stargazer Standard Playing Cards

While thinking of your question click on the two arrows below the cards, continue clicking until you are happy with the three cards chosen and then you can click on each card to turn it and read the description. If you want to ask a question with a yes no answer then shuffle the cards and turn them. two or more black cards the answer is no, two or more red cards then the answer is yes.


Queen of Hearts

This queen is someone close like a family member or dear friend. She is great emotional support and has the ability to make you feel loved. She will appear in readings as someone who may be either married or in a committed relationship.

Jack of Hearts

This Jack generally represents a child although can be anyone considered the favoured one.
In a relationship reading is shows someone who is a hopeless romantic, they will be very attentive and will sweep you off your feet, that being said do remember that they are a Jack and therefore lack maturity.

Four of Hearts

This is the card of commitment and marriage. It shows security and safety and symbolizes a person who is married or has good marriage potential. This card shows that what is on your mind is increased commitment. This is the card of stability.
In work readings then your job is fulfilling and makes you feel good even if it isn’t too well paying. This is a time where you are entering into situations of greater stability. So maybe a couple who are transitioning from dating to moving in together. This card is about creating a routine.
If there are spades around then you mau be feeling trapped by what you once saw as security and stability, maybe you are feeling suffocated. If there are positive cards around then you are emotionally fulfilled however there is a possibility of the routine becoming stale and mundane.