Open your heart, it is the only path to God. It is with an open heart I walk in divine light. Never have truer words been spoken.

Divine love in all of it’s pure essence is the answer to all of your prayers. When you walk with only pure love in your heart it is that point you can truly say you are home. Prayers work when we speak them with an open heart, love blossoms when we open our heart, ancient lovers find each other when they open their hearts to divine love.

This is love in it’s purest form and it flows from the divine, it is accessible only to those who open their heart and love as one unconditionally. Anyone can get a glimpse of it and feel it briefly. It feels electric, it feels magical and it is the pure essence of everything that is, interconnectedness of all. This love opens doorways to a place you will never want to leave, it is possible to experience it in this lifetime, many have and many more will.

That moment when you see your baby for the first time, that love is divine love. Divine love is the reason your hear people who have had a near death experience did not want to come back, they were home and the love they felt was like nothing they had experienced on the earth plane. That is because they felt divine love and were one with the universal energy of divine love. It hits you like a bolt of lightning. It makes every hair on your body stand on end. You can feel it pulsing through your veins with an intensity that sends shivers down your spine.

The further you open your heart to the allow unconditional love in, the more of this feeling you will experience, you will not be able to access this from any external activity or anything outside of you. Only when you go within will you allow yourself the opportunity to expand and grow, it is through complete alignment of the axis point within the body that you will send the connection up through the ethers to the divine golden white light of divine love. It is then that your heart will open like a beautiful lotus flower. Compassion for all will flow through you. This opening is not without pain for your empathic abilities will multiply and the heartache you will feel for others will be as intense as he energy of divine love, you will feel the pain of the world and the pain of the collective consciousness.

These times more than ever you need to protect your energy field from the negativity of others, you are now a beacon to dark energies and your light shines out through the universe. More than ever is the importance of keeping your vibration high, avoiding sugar is essential, staying grounded is necessary and removing yourself from situations and from around people that drain you is part of keeping in the flow. As your heart opens more and your vibration raises you will energetically send out signals to your divine life partner. They will fell your energy and you will feel theirs. The search will begin. The aching will start but the knowing will be there that they are out searching for you. Your souls yearn to reconnect as in lifetimes before. You have travelled through time together reconnecting lifetime after lifetime. It is like a part of you is missing and deep down although you know you are whole as you are, it is a yearning that  continually calls to fill you and connect that divine love you know will be fuller once you connect physically.

As your vibration raises there will be others that are healing and hear your souls call, it is like they feel your yearning and very often is the case you will think that they are the one. It becomes apparent very quickly that it isn’t them although they feel the love for you. Inside you know it isn’t them and you have to move away. The search begins again. There is a cord that connects you deep in your solar plexus chakra but it is only when the heart is activated that the pain from that cord can be released. Once you unite in the physical all other cords dissolve and the heart is able to open fully and continue to open as time progresses. The love grows and continues to grow.

Just by being in union with your divine soul partner can raise the vibration of the earth tenfold and the work you do for humanity is just magical. Your vibration will travel out to other by just being close by.

It is when the divine union happens that the magic begins and the journey for humanitarian reasons becomes your soul purpose. Everything will be revealed as you travel this path.

There are many that access divine love without being in a divine union and those are the people that take the path of spiritual growth, the yogis and the monks who take a path of celibacy and yet they are dedicated to the path of oneness. These people become beacons of light and awaken humanity often with their words of wisdom or just their presence.

There are two paths to divine love whilst still within a human body, one is with your divine soul partner and the other is with yourself but both paths require you to seek the wisdom from within.


The twin flame/ divine love energy is intense, so intense that you feel it within every cell of your body. The love is like nothing you have ever felt before. Your divine partner can be felt throughout your whole being. When life is flowing this energy is magnetic and absolutely magical. If however, one of the twins is going through something negative then it is felt by both. These energies are just as intense, they don’t elate you they pulse through you like there is another being within you. Emotions become overwhelmed and you cannot explain them even in you tried.

The male will experience the negative aspect of the emotion so a feeling of anger may come over them while the feminine twin will release the tears and often this cannot be controlled. Communication is the key to any successful relationship but never has it been more imperative than in a divine love/twin flame relationship. Because the couple are connected at the heart chakra, they feel each other so deeply. Therefore, talking about feelings, emotions and problems will alleviate any misunderstanding between them. When the relationship is lacking the communication around emotions and felling then one can be left feeling as though they have done something wrong. Honesty, trust and love along with communication will keep this relationship harmonious and free from misunderstandings.

Being connected so deeply to someone else’s emotions can be really hard, you find that you second guess yourself in the times of lower vibration. That is why it is so important to not only keep the lines of communication open but to concentrate on keeping your vibration high.

Remember when you raise your vibration you are raising the vibration of the union and the other half of your divinity will lift too. It is a journey and not and easy one as many will find out. Your divine partner will mirror everything back to you, positive and negative.