There is no such thing as hate, it is egoic love which is self serving.

There is only love.

Egoic love is conditional and the only love that doesn’t truly come from the heart. It causes disruptions in the ego. Hate as it is used is when there is a point of difference within the ego or something doesn’t fit within your frame work of conditions.

Egoic love is necessary on the human journey. That is what we came here to dissolve. The healing is a journey that can only be taken in human form. As we dissolve the ego we stop retracing our steps and taking on the same lessons. It is always the ego that doesn’t allow healing so if you can’t heal from something whether it is physical, emotional or mental, it is ego based if you can’t let it go.

When you observe egoic love from within you start to move into self love. Self love then opens the doors to allow healing.

Fear is a point of difference, any negative emotions come from a point of difference and therefore, egoic love. There is only love.

Family can be soul group or ancestral based on what they are here to help you with or you them. Everything is chosen. Egoic love will be re-experiencing your past until you heal. Egoic love is anything that isn’t from the heart, so anything that is negative and that exposes what needs healing.

Egoic love is the only yang love there is, everything else is yin. The polarities can only exist in this dimension.