Empathic love is the love we feel for humanity and others as we move into the golden age of Aquarius. More and more souls are being born open and awakened as humans and are empathic. When you are empathic you have awakened to the oneness, you have an opened heart chakra and you are fully aware of your connection to all. The energetic tie that you feel to everything means that you feel what others are feeling. Your auric field sends out spidery like threads into the space around you which allows you to connect to everything. Because of this connection you are very intuitive and psychic. Your heart is open so you can feel others pain and it can be very draining for an empath to experience this.

There are many people who live completely closed to the divine and are not yet awakened. These people live their lives most of the time working out of egoic love. These people can feel the love that flows from an empath and they want to experience this. They can feel the empaths heart.

These people are what is termed energy vampires, they do not do this deliberately most of the time, they just want to feel that divine power that flows when around the empath. It feels like home to them, but they don’t understand why.

This can make life as an empath hard and makes it necessary for them to protect their energy each day and keep their vibration high so as not to become drained. When you heart is open as an empath you love everything and care for the earth.

Empathy are born healers and humanitarians; they see the big picture and it saddens them immensely to see any suffering in the world. This kind of love is all encompassing and the vibration it gives off is healing the planet.