Meditation is the best way to connect with your inner guidance. Stilling your mind from the outside world and chatter of the everyday hustle and bustle of life is and always will be the quickest way to connect with source energy. Meditation is not easy and like everything takes practice, discipline and time each and every day. So many people give up after a very short while because they think it isn’t working for them and they can’t stop the chatter but it is the same for everyone. Perseverance is what makes it all worthwhile and all of a sudden, like everything practiced, one day you will just find that you have this calmness, this peace, this connectedness to the stillness and emptiness of the void. That place where everything is connected, yet nothing is felt. That place of absolute oneness with the universe. That is the place called home. One day you will know. I love to sit in silent meditation but find guided meditation is a great way to start on the journey. Guided meditations help you to concentrate and that helps to calm and still your mind while focusing on something that is relaxing and healing.

The following meditations are guided meditations to help clear your Chakras and energy field which will allow you to release negative emotions that are holding you back in life. When the Chakras are aligned and all perfectly balanced, you will find that your life is more harmonious and your body will heal and release past trauma.

Meditations will be available for download soon.

Rainbow Healing Meditation

Rainbow Healing Guided meditation

Chakra Healing Meditations

The tracks below are available to purchase so that you can start to align and clear your body, mind & spirit.  Each track has been composed using the correct frequency of each chakra along with the elements and sounds that balance and align each of the energy center’s. Rainbow healing is available as just music and/or guided meditation. The Chakra tracks are just music at the moment but will be available as guided meditation tracks soon.

Chakra Healing Guided Meditations