Books written by Beverley along with others that come highly recommended.   

Meditation Music

Music that has been lovingly composed to restore balance to your chakras and allow you to fall into deep meditation. 

Available in both guided meditations and just music to sooth you body, mind & Spirit.

Liquid Crystals

The liquid Crystals are geometric vibrational remedies made from the Earths Metals, Minerals and Crystals. They are change facilitators and help to heal  Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and  Physical imbalances.


Runes are an ancient type of oracle used by those seeking answers. They are a form of divination and the word Rune means mystery or magical significance. I have loved Runes and their messages for as long as I can remember. The variety of Runes here are handmade and infused with wonderful healing energy and love as they are crafted.

Aura & Chakra Energy mists

These delightful mists are a combination of aromatherapy oils and crystal essences.  Prepared and and infused with love and Rainbow Reiki healing energy. These mists will envelope you in the positive energies that will lovingly restore balance and harmony to your body mind and spirit and enhance your environment and those around you.