Self-love is the most healing of all the loves because what we fill ourselves with is what we have to give to the world and others. When our cup is overflowing it flows out to others and contributes to raising the vibration of the earth.

There has never been a more important time than now to give love to yourself. Self-love is not about ego or outer beauty, it is about loving and accepting yourself as the perfect divine being that you are. Self-love is about letting go of what you think you should be and allowing your spirit to soar.

Self-love allows you to heal from past trauma and pain as it gives you a chance to move forward releasing you from the past with no regrets and no left over energy or emotion tying you to the residue of energy that has been holding you back.

Self-love is about having balance in your life, giving time to yourself to do those things that make your heart sing. It is alignment and flow, giving yourself the opportunity to heal in body, mind, and soul, cutting those ties that have held you back for so long.

Once you start to heal and align, your heart will open and your vibration will raise, awareness will expand, and you will feel alive in a way that is so very rewarding. Creativity will flow and your purpose for being will reveal itself to you. Self-love is the path to aligning with god and source, you cannot feel divine love fully unless you have travelled down this healing path to peace and serenity. There are many aspects to self-love and it all starts with the 7 keys to healing, those keys will give you tools to enable you to love yourself and your mind, body and soul everything it needs to open your heart to divine love.

Self-love feels comfortable, it makes us feel alive and it gives us an opportunity to do our little bit for humanity. As our heart opens, we no longer feel the need to be self-serving, the ego starts to dissolve and we start to see the bigger picture and find our place in the world.