When you decide to have a healing of any kind you are  indicating to the universe that you are ready to re-connect with your divine essence, the part of you that is connected to all. This signal allows you to heal in every aspect of your being. The healer becomes the conduit that connects you to the all knowing. You will awaken your soul and start to heal yourself on a soul level and that is a beautiful thing.

Courses & Workshops

A variety of courses and workshops are available to help you awaken and find your true passion including  Reiki, Angelic Healing & Psychic protection.


Meditation is something that we should all do on a daily basis. It allows you to still your mind and go within for clarity, healing and connection to the divine. Take the time each and every day to listen to your soul.

Card Reading

Divination tools have been used for centuries for guidance and  insight. Cards have been one of the more popular methods. Click below for your free 3 card reading.