We have briefly touched on soul group love before in the other explanations. Soul group love is wonderful. Anyone we meet can be in the same soul group as us. These are the people that we have an instant connection with, those people that just seem to have very similar thoughts and ideas as us. When we are with them, we feel comfortable.

These are the friends that we share common interests with. Those people we can confide in because they just seem to understand us.

Often, we have spent many lifetimes with these same souls playing different roles. Family members can be of the same soul group, you know the connection because these people are the ones you have a rapport with. As I said previously many times someone will marry a person from the same soul group because they have a contract and although the plan was for them to move on to a divine connection, they feel so comfortable with their soul group partner that they just stay even after the contract has ended. Often they are very happy and that is ok, we can all choose our paths, we have free will once we are here and not always do we go on to complete our contracts that were planned before we came.

Everything is always in perfect divine order and because there is only love you will never be judged for your decisions.

Our soul groups are our motivation, they are the people we need to be around to help our growth, they encourage us to be the best version of ourselves that we possibly can. Often, we don’t follow our heart and we move off of our path. Sometimes we make the wrong decision in life and this causes our group to move away. In these times people can become isolated and alone, it may not even be our decisions that has caused this, sometimes it is trauma or something that happens in life to us. When we become isolated then our vibration lowers and we can often become disconnected, anxious, and depressed. In these times the darkness can consume us, we become lost and we retract our aura from the world.

This is why self-love is so important because when you practice self-love you are allowing yourself to heal which in turn gets you into universal flow. Once you are in universal flow your soul group / soul mates will gravitate towards you and you will feel connected again. Our soul group are our cheer squad throughout the journey and without them things may be a little bumpier. The journey needs support so look to those you share interests with and encourage each other to be the best you can in all endeavours.

Soul mate marriages/ relationships can last a lifetime but only if both partners continue to grow spiritually. They will need to expand their awareness synchronistic to keep their relationships vibrationally matched. If they do not stay vibrationally matched, then they grow apart. If one expands and the other stays stagnant then, again they will find that in time they just will no longer function as a couple. There will be love there because they will always be soulmates, but they will just grow apart and be more like friends.