Energy is all around us, within us and it is what we are. Energy vibrates at different rates and it is that rate of vibration that determines how our lives are progressing. Energy is very powerful.

When I speak about energy healing I am talking about many different forms of healing. I studied Reiki and spiritual healing along with Crystal healing and vibrational sound healing. Each and every one of them is a form of energy healing.

Every single object in the Universe vibrates at a particular rate. Even inanimate objects have a vibratory rate. Our bodies vibrate at a certain rate also and when that vibration is lowered in any way we become a magnet to lower vibratory energies. These lower energies can cause blockages within our energy systems. Any illness will start when your vibration has been lowered in some way.

Anything that makes you feel good will cause your vibration to move higher which is what we all want to keep our temples working at optimum levels. Therefore music can be healing or harmful depending on the vibration.

This can be different for each person because we are all individuals. Mantras are magical for me and just keep me moving upward constantly. Mantras are very powerful because of the words that are repeated, they can bring about much change. A mantra is a group of words in Sanskrit believed by practitioners to have psychological and spiritual powers. They are repeated over and over in song or meditation to invoke a calmness and connection to the divine.


Anything that makes you feel good will cause your vibration to move higher, which is what we all want to keep our temples working at optimum levels .”


Crystals and Gemstones are great for shifting the vibration. Anything that vibrates at a higher rate than the human body can help to facilitate healing.

Energy healing by a practitioner is completed in a session where they place their hands either on or just above the body and allow the energy to flow through their hands and into the recipient.

This kind of healing is so very powerful not because the practitioner is the best around but because you are your own healer. The person performing the healing is just the conduit.

They are like a plug socket in a wall, you plug yourself into the socket by accepting the healing. The healer becomes the bridge between you and divine energy. You are connected to the source energy that enters your body and is sent directly to where it is needed for this particular healing, at this certain time for you. Your body, mind and spirit are absolutely amazing and will direct the energy to the perfect place within. That is why sometimes after a healing you may feel very emotional and other times you will feel a pain that has disappeared. The energy will heal in whatever way is perfect for you.

Everything is always in perfect and divine timing and you are always exactly where you should be.

The healing energy connects you to your divinity and allows your own intuition to send you subtle signs. Every energy healing that you have will help make that connection a little stronger.

We are all our own best healers and we do have all the answers that we need within us, it is just that sometimes our power lead gets a little damaged and frayed and we can’t quite hear the messages that are being sent to us.

Always trust your inner guidance to guide you to the perfect situations and people that can help move you forward on your journey this lifetime.

Nothing happens by accident, everything happens for a reason and you are always guided to the perfect place for you. Just trust and allow and you won’t go wrong.


5 ways to raise your vibration

  1. Listen to uplifting music or mantras.

  2. Wear a crystal relevant to what you want to achieve.

  3. Burn some incense or uplifting essential oils.

  4. Visit the beach and paddle your feet in the salt water to help ground yourself.

  5. Turn off the TV and read a good inspirational book.

There are many more way to raise your vibration and what works for some may not work for others so experiment over time and find what works for you.